Essential Tips to Consider When Hiring Skips

There are moments when we go through huge, industrial projects that generate more waste than we usually do. Concerts, charity events, conferences, home or office renovations, and large corporate parties are just some of the examples of cases that yield a tone of waste. In these cases, the roadside rubbish wheelie bin and garbage collectors might not suffice collecting the multitude of wastes that your event or project has caused. That’s why for this matter, you’ll need to hire skip bins, collect your own waste and deliver it to your local rubbish dump yourself. Skips are ideal for a broader range of garbage disposal applications. These include household, garden, builders, renovation, to even industrial waste. However, before you also call your local skip bin hire firm, you’ll need to consider the following factors first:


Identify the Best Skip Bin Size for Your Needs

Keep in mind that there are different sizes of skips that you can choose, depending on the size of the waste that you’re going to dispose of.


In most cases, most suppliers offer skip bin sizes ranging from two to eight cubic meters. However, some companies also provide more significant skip bins for industrial use. When you’re determining the skip bin size, you have to consider the amount and type of waste you’re planning to dispose of. Click here to get a list of the potential sizes that are available, along with their corresponding descriptions.


Determine the Type of Waste Your Disposing

We mentioned previously; you also have to identify the type of waste you’re getting rid of. While many companies don’t require you to sort and segregate your rubbish, it will significantly contribute to proper waste management. You can even fill your skips since similar items will be placed on it. Here are the general categories of wastes and rubbish:


  • General waste
  • Green waste
  • Hard fill


Click here for a more in-depth description of each of these categories.


Carefully Plan Where You’ll Place Your Bin

Before you even get a skip bin hire, you’ll have to consider where you’ll place it in your property. Keep in mind that skips can be heavy. Once they’re placed, it can be challenging to move them around. That means you’ll have to plan where you’ll put your skip bins carefully. Determine the perfect locations where your supplier can effectively and efficiently drop your bin.


For more tips and guides on how to get skips, click here. You can also contact our professional skip bin hire company if you’re interested in acquiring our services.