What Can an Anxiety Blanket Do For You?

A CalmingBlankets weighted blanket, sometimes called a stress blanket, is an effective therapeutic tool to help promote restful sleep and mental health overall. While stress blankets have in recent years risen in popularity, the idea of anti-anxiety weighted blankets has actually been around for quite some time. The first recorded use of this type of blanket was during World War I where it was used by military personnel. In fact, it was actually used as a form of punishment for those that would fall asleep in battle.


An anxiety blanket or stress ball was actually the original name of this amazing therapy item. It is basically a weighted blanket that is filled with a special type of material that helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Stress balls of the past were essentially chunks of wood covered in a soft foam material. While they still do work, modern stress balls are often covered with a specially designed material such as cotton.


The idea behind CalmingBlankets weighted blankets is that the soft, plush material helps to increase serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is responsible for regulating moods and sleeping patterns, as well as the sensation of pleasure. The reason why stress and anxiety often increase serotonin levels is that chronic stress causes the brain to interpret those feelings as a threat and an elevated heart rate. The blanket then releases serotonin into the bloodstream to counteract the high heart rate.


Another reason why these blankets are so helpful is that they keep the mind distracted from the day to day issues. Everyone has experienced how daily stress can really affect a person and their ability to be productive. As a result, many people have turned to things like anxiety pillows and even nappers in order to help them get through their day. By keeping the mind preoccupied, anxiety and other stresses are less likely to bother us. This means that we are more productive in our daily endeavours and that we actually accomplish more.


In addition to keeping the mind preoccupied, many people use CalmingBlankets weighted blankets to induce sleep. Our bodies react to stimuli while we are asleep, and a weighted blanket can actually trick the conscious mind into thinking it is sleeping. The reason for this is because a person who is sleeping is not focusing on the stimulus, which is causing anxiety. A good, snug fit of a weighted napper blanket can actually trick the conscious mind into thinking the blanket is being worn by the person. The individual then falls asleep quickly due to the physical stimuli of the blanket.

As you can see, there are many reasons why someone would consider buying an anxiety blanket. These blankets can be used to combat depression, stress, and anxiety. In addition to being a great way to deal with everyday stresses, they are also quite effective when it comes to fighting anxiety. It is highly recommended that people purchase one or two, especially if they tend to suffer from chronic anxiety!