Artificial Grass Installers – Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes

Artificial grass is a synthetic surface of synthetic fibres designed to resemble the appearance of authentic natural grass. It’s most frequently used in sporting arenas for indoor sports, usually or traditionally played on natural grass. But it has also become popular in other commercial and residential applications. It may be used to promote sports such as golf and tennis in golf clubs, as part of the landscaping in sports facilities and on recreational areas, in public parks, schools and colleges, etc.

artificial-grass-brisbaneThere are many different types of artificial grass products on the market. Each one varies in its use and application, including the brand, cost, material, type of turf (i.e. whether it’s polyethylene or an acrylic composition), manufacturer and size of the installation area. Therefore, you should undertake thorough research before deciding on the most suitable option for your lawn or garden.

The most common synthetic grass used in artificial grass Brisbane is polyethylene. It’s also commonly known as plastic-based turf. These yarns are manufactured by taking the plastic outer layer, known as the ‘pulling agent’, and placing this underneath the main body of the grass fibres themselves. Thus, the overall appearance of the artificial grass is that of genuine grass, without the need for any other materials to help the viewer’s eye reach the seams of the turf or lack thereof. You can either opt for a light coloured surface or dark colours for a greyer appearance, based upon how natural your environment is likely to be.

You should also consider the type of infill you want to use, if any, before deciding on the type of blade you wish to install. You may choose between blades with a continuous set of blades or a single blade system. If you opt for a continuous set of blades, you will have to ensure that all of the grass blades within your artificial grass landscape installations are in good enough condition to withstand the constant manual lifting required to keep them in place. However, if you opt for single blade systems, you will be able to place all of the blades at the same height to allow for the lifting process.

If you want to maintain the greenery of the area around your artificial grass synthetic installation, you will need to use a soil additive. However, it’s important to make sure that you are purchasing the correct type of chemical, as some contain harsh chemicals that could be harmful to both the real grass and any surface areas they come into contact with. You can either buy the product yourself or ask your supplier to suggest the right chemical for your needs.

Finally, artificial grass installers in artificial grass Brisbane often recommend the use of various herbicides to prevent weed growth. It can work well, but only if you choose the correct one. As weed seeds are small in size, it may be not easy to see them with the naked eye. To be safe, you should always buy a high-quality weed killer designed to be used on natural grass and ensure you follow the directions carefully.