Choosing a Conference Venue: Things to Factor In

When you are about to pick a conference venue, several factors come into play. What each venue in the market has to offer in terms of location, pricing, accommodation and of course, availability must be your basis when making an informed decision.


So when you start looking for a prospective PlayfordHotel conference venues Adelaide, keep an eye on these following things that you must consider.


  1. Space


Venues play a crucial role, and it comes in wide variations. Some may appear as a large empty room while others feature multiple rooms and floors with different amenities. So when looking for one, you must familiarise yourself with the entire layout of the venue. You will need to hire a venue with distinct rooms if you are hosting multiple concurrent activities or wishing to offer VIP attendees a separate experience.


Keep in mind that the critical factor in flawlessly hosting your type of event is your venue’s space and resources. Always think about your program and all of its needs when searching for the perfect conference venue.


  1. Catering


Most often, people think that catering is a separate element from the venue. But what they don’t realise is that the two are significantly intertwined. Most venues in the market offer their catering services. Keep in mind that you may be required to pay an additional fee if you opt to get outside catering services. You should know that it is the way of most venues to ensure that they will get the highest profit margins.


With venues that are frequently used for wedding, it is especially the case. If you brought a cake from an outside baker instead of using the venue’s bakery service, such conference venues will charge you with what is known as a cake-cutting fee. Also, for the serving of outside alcoholic beverages, a corking fee may be assessed as well. To figure out if there are charges for using outside catering services, take time to check the venue ahead of time. Such fees are what your venue contract should outline.


  1. Parking


The parking space of the venue should accommodate the number of guest attending your event as well. If ever the parking of your chosen venue is limited, you may advise your attendees to a carpool.


Moreover, you should also check if any parking permits or passes are required. PlayfordHotel conference venues Adelaide only hands out a limited number of permits or passes for staff members. In getting a few additional permits for your guests, especially for your VIP attendees, try to see if you can negotiate.


For locations or venues with challenging parking areas, consider offering valet parking. Aside from that, you need to ensure as well that you understand the opening times of garages that your attendees may use.