How to Clean Every Type of Flat Heel Shoes?

Give your worn flat heel shoes a good makeover with these simple cleaning tips and tricks. Our guide features some techniques that don’t require you to buy expensive products. So, continue reading now to find out what these methods are all about. We have a list of cleaning techniques on some of the most popular types of flat-heeled shoes available out there.

Flat Heel Leather Shoes

Flat Heel ShoesThe manner of cleaning shoes will depend mostly on their material. For leather shoes, clean off any debris by wiping a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water over the stains. Once your shoes are dried up, rub them with a soft microfiber cloth. You can also Buff scuffs away using a web cloth dipped into baking soda. Wipe your shoes off, then buff them again after they’ve dried up once more.

Flat Heel Patent Leather Shoes

Another popular variant of flat heel shoes is the patent leather. If your flat heel patent leather shoes have unsightly marks, try rubbing quality petroleum jelly using a cotton swab. If all a little shining is all it needs, spray on some glass cleaner for that much-needed dazzle.

Flat Heel Suede Shoes

Working in a single direction, use a scrub or nail brush to gently buff stains away. Once you’ve got the surface dirt off, you can then apply pressure and go back and forth with the brush to remove the deep stains. If necessary, you can also scrub hard using a white eraser. You can also use a nail file. For truly stubborn stains, use a white washcloth to rub rubbing alcohol or white vinegar to attack and remove the spots.

Flat Heel Sheepskin Boots

Using a scrub brush or paintbrush, gently wipe off debris from the outside of your boots. Afterwards, grab a white eraser to rub away stubborn stains. Now, wipe the outside of the shoe using a damp cloth. Keep in mind that the cloth shouldn’t be too wet or else it could ruin the material. Using a solution of equal parts distilled vinegar and cold water, gently scrub at the areas that need spot cleaning. Finish things off by wiping the solution with a damp cloth. Afterwards, stuff your boots with newspaper so that it keeps its shape while drying.

Cleaning your flat heel shoes is easy if you know the right methods to do it. For more shoe-cleaning tips and techniques, subscribe to our newsletter now.