How to Care for Dental Implants

Dental implants are getting more popular than ever these days. Thanks to these oral fixtures, many people who lost confidence in the past are finding their way back to social circles. If you’re wondering how you can retain the beauty and durability of your dental implants, here are some of the most trusted tips from your leading Dentist Hendon.


Braces aren’t the only teeth fixtures you should care for. Dental implants also deserve as much care and attention so they can serve their purpose for a long time. What are the ways through which you can lengthen the life of your implants?



Avoid Hard Food


Nuts are indeed a blessing from above. However, not every type of nut is soft enough for dental implants. Experts recommend avoiding hard food such as nuts and other similar food. If you really love nuts, you may want to grind these or cut them up into smaller pieces to ensure that your implants won’t be pressured too much.


Follow Your Food Schedule


Right after your leading Dentist Hendon finishes installing your dental implants, you will receive a food list for the next three weeks or more. The list of food you can eat will depend on the strength or resilience of your oral cavities. Some people may have weaker jawbones. In this case, the healing period is longer.


If your dentist says your oral cavities can recover fast, the food list you’ll receive will be less strict. Still, you should follow the guide and avoid food that doesn’t appear in the list. In time, you will be allowed to eat solid food. For now, be patient and follow your dental expert’s advice.


Gargle and Brush Properly


Your dentist will recommend a gargling solution during the first few days. You won’t be allowed to brush for several days until the dental implants have started settling in. Once you’re permitted to brush, use the recommended soft-bristle brush that your dentist suggests. Proper gargling and brushing will prevent potential infections that could lead to serious oral problems.


Don’t Stress Your Mouth


For some patients, talking may be prohibited for the first few hours after a dental implant. On the other hand, if talking is allowed, make sure to minimise the stress or pressure on your jawbones and implanted teeth to encourage proper healing.


Take the Prescription


Your dental expert will prescribe pain relievers and possibly, antibiotics after the implant session. You should take the medicines accordingly so that healing won’t be much of a problem on the implant sites.


Dental implants are a gift of technology and dentistry. However, it is a patient’s responsibility to care for his teeth once he steps out of the clinic.