How To Choose The Right Men’s Shoes

When you walk down the street or go to the mall, do you notice how many men have at least one brand of mens shoes by Oh-Hi? Do you realise that most shoe manufacturers have their version of women’s athletic shoe? This is because men’s athletic shoes are designed for athletic purposes. And for athletic purposes, women need extra support and cushioning than men. Most people don’t think twice about it, but the rules are different when it comes to athletic shoes and women’s shoe sizes.

In general, women with large feet can better fit in a smaller pair of mens shoes by Oh-Hi as sports shoes are designed in larger widths while men’s shoes tend to be made in smaller widths. And as for the smaller shoe sizes, there are still more men’s shoes in the bigger size range in women’s smaller sizes and more options in larger sizes, so when your shoe size falls into a smaller range… Panic!

mens-shoes-by-oh-hiThere are more options in men’s running shoes than in women’s. While women’s running shoes tend to be very versatile and can work with most types of outfits, men’s running sneakers are not as flexible. Most popular brands like Nike, Adidas, and Reebok have their sneakers’ styles that work best with a particular activity. The brands that create these athletic sneakers have unique features and functions that make them one of a kind.

The big names in men’s athletic footwear have several sneakers lines that fall into several price ranges. You can get a basic sneaker like the Air Jordan XLS to help make an athletic look or a basketball shoe like the Nike Air Max sneaker with the swoosh. And then there are other brands like Lacoste and Puma. These shoes vary in prices just as much as athletic clothing does, from basic court shoes for your children to state of the art sneakers for athletes like you and me. Another name you might not recognise is Etnies, which makes high-quality leather shoes. Other name brands like Adidas and Nike also make some great women and men’s shoes and boots.

How do you know the right shoe size? There are some great guides available online for mens shoes by Oh-Hi sizing. Shoe size charts are a great way to find the best shoe size for your feet. The official shoe sizes from manufacturers like Adidas, Nike, or Prince – especially the newer lines -are all posted on their websites.

And finally, another important piece of advice: buy a well-fitting pair of dress shoes. Dress shoes should fit snugly but comfortably over your foot, and you should feel confident wearing a pair even if you do not plan to wear them for many years. If you need to buy a new pair of dress shoes soon, go with a style that fits snugly and is not too big for your feet, especially if it is leather (other leather materials will cause skin irritation and will not last long). And, of course, try on lots of shoes before you buy a pair, and try on a pair of dress shoes with feet in them before you buy a pair of dress shoes with your feet in them.