Three Qualities of an Extraordinary Social Media Expert

SEO isn’t the only big name in the world of online marketing. We also have another avenue for establishing an excellent online reputation and influence, which is social media. It’s a group of platforms where people tend to go online to socialize and engage with one another. For your business to thrive online, you need both SEO and social media presence. While an SEO specialist is already handling your SEO needs, you’ll also need a social media expert to manage your social media marketing campaign. If you’re looking for a capable social media manager, here are three critical qualities that you should determine:


Social Media Expertise


Of course, you should hire someone who is social media savvy. They can’t be called an expert if they aren’t experienced and well-versed with the different types of social media platforms. Choose the one who is a regular user of social media and is well-immersed in the social environment. In addition, the expert you hire should be able to tell a story. If they have a blog site or writes for online media, check their written pieces. It’s a great way to determine their skill level and decide if their knowledge and experience are fit for the criteria of social media expert.


Branding and Marketing Experience


Social media is all about branding, marketing, P/R crisis management, data analysis, reputation building, and sales. Never hire someone who claims to be a social media expert yet has zero marketing and branding experience. Social media is a group of channels with which you can engage with your customers or target audience and deliver key messages that are relevant to their challenges, concerns and needs.


Ability to Stay Focused and Engaged


Focus is increasingly becoming a relevant and essential marketing skill. The ability to immerse yourself in work and avoid distractions is a valuable asset to have, especially if you’re managing your social media campaigns. The person you hire should have this trait as social media marketing is also about monitoring the performance of your campaign and being able to make quick adjustments to any situation.



Hiring a social media expert is an easy task. But making sure that they’re capable of the job is another issue that you need to deal with — Land the ideal social media manager by using the above qualities as reference. You can also skip all of that and hire our social media managers instead. We have a roster of experts that will establish, maintain, and improve your social media marketing campaign. Visit our website now for a free quotation.