Keeping Venetian Blinds Clean

If you are contemplating on getting Venetian blinds for your windows, one question that probably lurks in your mind is how to clean them. We’ve seen them in magazines and catalogues, and you will agree that Venetian blinds make a first-class window treatment to have in both the home or office in terms of aesthetic and functionality. However, it is easy to get put-off about purchasing them thinking about the cleaning and maintenance ahead.



With a lot more horizontal surfaces than all other blinds, Venetian window blinds do seem to get much dirtier, and cleaning and maintenance are required more often than all the various blind types. Additionally, it is true also that Venetian blinds are harder to clean because of the number of slats which have to be individually cleaned. Even after the initial cleaning, keeping your Venetian blinds Adelaide clean seems impossible. It is easy to give up if you are faint at heart!


You will find it, however, that once you get into a routine, it can be an easy job – and it is possible to clean blinds without taking them down to clean them. Besides, the style and sophistication they give your home is enough reward and motivation to clean them. In this article, we will give you what we think are the best light cleaning methods along with some added tips.


By ”light cleaning” we are referring to a relatively fast method that can be undertaken regularly, quickly and without too much effort. In this method, cleaning can be done without removing the blind.


Here are some of our recommendations:


Feather Dusters and Dry Cloths

Primarily, lightly clean the blinds with the lightest feather duster or a soft microfibre cloth is the simplest way to go. However, a more effective way is to physically clean each slat by wiping it your Venetian blinds Adelaide with a dry cloth. Some people find alternatives and prefer to use things like old socks, white cotton gloves, antistatic materials, or even paper towels.


Specially-Formulated Cleaners

There are cleaning products made specifically for cleaning the slats that are sold by many household stores. They resemble a cooking tong with felt pads and can clean three blades at once.


With stains, like grease on the blades, you may need to put a little water and maybe some cleaning solution for the process. Various types of cleaning solutions, such as window cleaners and washing solutions, have been proven handy as well.



The Secret

The secret, we believe, is keeping a routine so that the dust does not accumulate. Caked-on soil will need more elbow grease, making it easy to give up! Keeping the feather duster accessible for your routine cleaning is the better way to go.


As you can see, cleaning Venetian Blinds Adelaide may be a chore but an easy one, if you stick to a cleaning schedule. So go ahead and get them. They will add to the beauty of your home. Order from their website through this link!