Which Bike Rack is Right For Your Car?

When purchasing a bicycle rack for your car, you will first need to determine how much space your car has to accommodate a bike. For example, if you’re driving a sedan, you’ll need to leave extra space on both sides of the car for the bike. You’ll also want to keep in mind that the rear wheel of a large adult bike can extend over a foot past the car’s width, so make sure that you’re buying a rack that allows extra room on both sides.

bike rack for carThule T2 Pro

The Thule T2 Pro Urban Pedaler bike rack for the car is a heavy-duty, award-winning product. It is incredibly easy to install and dismantle, and the integrated wheels make it easy to transport. You can easily fold the bike rack up for storage and even transport it from one place to another with ease. Its design is also ideal for transporting long bikes and makes it simple to transport them to and from the car.

There are two main versions of the Thule T2 Urban Pedaler bike rack for cars. One is a hitch mount, and the other is tray secured. The Classic weighs about eight pounds less than the Pro XT, but the Thule T2 Pro is much more expensive. While both tracks feature the same mounting hardware, the Pro XT is made from more aluminium and promises greater strength and stability. In addition, the Thule T2 Pro bike rack for cars comes with an extended warranty and free lifetime customer support.

Allen Sports

The Allen Sports Urban Pedaler bike rack for the car is an excellent choice for carrying two or four bicycles. Its design enables you to load your bikes quickly and easily. It features two tie-down cradle positions and is suitable for most vehicles. In addition, its price is competitive with many other racks, which cost two or three times as much as the Allen. Here are the main features that make it the ideal choice for car transportation or bikes.

The Allen Premier trunk rack features rubber cradle straps that can be quickly inserted and removed without causing a hassle. The cradles rotate for a variety of bicycle frames. You don’t need to purchase an adapter bar to use the Allen Premier bike rack. The rack is compact and foldable, so it will take up very little trunk space when not in use. Before mounting it, you need to unfold the top foot assembly. To prevent it from coming off, you should lock the support arms.

Saris Bones

If you are looking for a car bike rack, look no further than Saris Bones. It is an excellent option for cars with spoilers, as it will fit most. Another great feature of this bike rack is separating bikes into different levels. It means you can easily find the perfect spot to put each bike. And since most of these racks have different levels, you can easily find the right one to keep your bikes safe.

The Bones bike rack is easy to install. You slide the arms down through the centre beam to centre them. The rack will then be positioned perfectly on your vehicle. It is secured with three sets of straps, which begin at the centre cylinder and hook to your car’s side panels and upper frame. The hooks are vinyl so that they won’t scratch your paint job. The Bones rack comes with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.


If you’re in the market for a bike rack for your vehicle, the Curt Premium Bike Rack may be right. It’s a durable, convenient bike rack with up to five bike slots and sturdy straps to keep your bikes stationary. This hitch-mounted rack is available in a variety of styles and sizes. Many models can also be used on the front of your vehicle. These bike racks are compatible with various vehicles and make transporting your bikes easier.

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