ZipTrak Blinds – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When you’re looking for an easy-to-use window treatment, Ziptrak blinds are an excellent choice. Their smooth edges and non-slip fabric prevent dust from gathering, and their easy-to-install design means minimal maintenance once installed. In addition to being easy to use, Ziptrak blinds are also great for outdoor use. Read on for more details. Let’s start with the good points:

Zip Track blinds AdelaideSimple to operate

If you’re looking for a simple outdoor blind that can protect your space during any season, ZipTrak is the way to go. These blinds are easy to operate and maintain their desired height, keeping your indoor space cool in winter and cozy in summer. In addition, they are easy to maintain and are designed to protect your patio furniture from ultraviolet rays and dust. To learn more about the benefits of ZipTrak blinds, read on.

If your blinds become wet, you must remove them and let them dry before rolling them up. Otherwise, moisture could cause mould. If you’re concerned that the Zip Track blinds might become stuck or damaged in dusty conditions, you can lubricate the tracks by spraying a small amount of food-grade silicone spray in the groove between the spline tape and track. You need to apply the lubricant to the entire height of the track, and you should wait for at least 10 seconds before operating them again. Visit more options here

Easy to install

The easy-to-install Zip Track blinds are made of durable Kedar Cordura tape. Its efficiency is exceptional, and the materials are durable and can be customised to suit many decors. Ziptrak blinds come with numerous advanced operational tools. They can also be motorised to give you greater control over their operations. If you’re looking for an alternative to a manual blind, Ziptrak can provide the perfect solution for you.

Easy to care for

The simple way to care for your ZipTrak blinds is to clean them once every three to six months. Spray food-grade silicone lubricant on your blinds’ track and spline tape, then operate the blinds from the centre. Otherwise, the blinds will retract unevenly, and the bottom bar will not be level. The lubricant can be easily applied to both sides of the track or just one side.

The simple operation of Ziptrak blinds is another advantage. The spring-balanced material slides easily along the tracks, providing a smooth glide. To operate the blind, pull the bottom bar down to release it. Then, pull the material evenly onto the top tube. Once the blind is locked, it should glide effortlessly along the track. This simple operation makes it easy for anyone to clean and maintain your blinds. Visit more options here

Cheaper than Zipscreen

There are several reasons you should buy Zipscreen blinds instead of cheaper alternatives. Zipscreen blinds have a longer lifespan and a five-year warranty and can be custom-built to your specifications, and zip screens can be up to 5.8m wide and four metres tall and incorporate an optional 125mm square aluminium headbox and semi-fascia. They are suitable for various exterior shade applications, including swimming pool covers, patios, and balconies. True Value Outdoor Blinds are also available in custom powder coating and can be tailored to fit any style and colour of the awning.

Easy to motorise

Ziptrak’s range of motorised and manual blinds is the perfect solution for homeowners looking for a new way to enjoy their homes. The unique SuperSpring manual system offers effortless operation with no cords or cranks. This system also uses small rubber seal strips along the bottom rail to minimise gaps and ensure smooth operation in windy conditions. In addition to this, Ziptrak blinds are available in standard colours, including White, Cream, Paperbark, Woodland Grey, and Sky. As the name suggests, Ziptrak blinds give you easy control over your room’s light, airflow, and temperature, allowing you to be connected to nature.


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