Reasons to Hire a Strata Manager

Strata management is the process of maintaining and operating the common areas of a complex. It can range from cleaning the swimming pool to painting the communal walls. It may also extend to lift maintenance and emergency repairs. As well as administrative duties, strata management includes financial duties, such as paying tradespeople, maintaining the balance of the books and collecting levies. Levies are generally imposed on all lot owners, and there are three types: special levies, administrative fund levies and sinking funds.

strata management AdelaideWhen selecting a strata manager, ensure you find a professional with a good track record and an excellent reputation. They should be responsive to emails and be committed to meeting with tenants. It would help if you also looked for a company that offers a comprehensive list of services. A good strata management company should offer a wide range of services, so you can be sure to receive the kind of service you need. Just remember that a good strata manager should be affordable as well.

Other duties of strata management Adelaide include conducting meetings, collecting levies, and keeping track of property maintenance. Strata managers are also responsible for legal compliance, including arranging building and fire certification insurance. They must also ensure that the values of each unit are accurate, as the wrong valuation could mean that owners would be left paying a shortfall on their property taxes. But the job description for a strata manager is quite diverse.

Having someone take care of strata property management can be challenging, but it is necessary if you’re serious about keeping your investment as profitable as possible. If you want someone to oversee your strata, the best option is to hire a strata management company. They are highly trained professionals with a wealth of experience. A strata manager can help you overcome these issues and make managing your complex strata property easier. The benefits of hiring a strata manager are numerous.

As a professional, strata managers have extensive experience and knowledge of state-based legislation and the requirements of owners of corporations. They are often called owners, corporation managers, or body corporate managers. Strata managers are appointed by property owners collectively. They typically oversee several properties. They have a well-structured system and extensive experience. A contract between the strata corporation and the strata manager should clearly outline both parties’ responsibilities. All parties must understand their respective roles and responsibilities.

The benefits of a strata manager cannot be overstated. A good strata manager from will keep records of all strata-related activities, including repairs, maintenance and insurance claims. They will also be a mediator for disputes that arise among tenants. They will ensure that the rules and regulations are followed. A strata manager will also conduct meetings and social events to get feedback from tenants. As a result, strata managers can ensure the long-term health of a complex, multi-unit property.

Licensing courses in strata management are mandatory in BC. The BC Financial Services Authority regulates strata management companies in the province. The courses are also accredited by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLOs). In April 2013, the Real Estate Council of BC issued several information bulletins clarifying the roles and responsibilities of strata managers and corporations. Strata managers must also be registered real estate brokerages and have a managing broker to practice in the province.

A strata manager also helps with disputes between lots. Some disputes may arise from noise, parking and pets. They are the perfect people to call if you want to make changes to the common areas of a complex. They provide suggestions on how to maintain harmony in the strata scheme. They also arrange social events, where residents can discuss how they can improve the services they receive. A strata manager will also set up annual general meetings to gather feedback from residents and make improvements.

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